Climate Solutions’ take on the recent Wall Street predictions that the coal boom is over

September 12, 2013
Ross Macfarlane, Climate Solutions

The starkest warnings about the coming apocalypse are coming not from long-haired hippies, but from Wall Street bankers in three-piece suits. This is not another screed from an environmental fanatic predicting the end of the world; this is a discussion about …

Taxpayer tab for coal trains

September 12, 2013

New infographics at the PowerPast Coal and the Northern Plains Resource Council websites illustrate the high costs facing taxpayers to support the infrastructure required by high volume of coal trains if proposed Northwest export facilities are developed.…

Seattle Times reports on the questionable economics for NW coal export facilities

September 4, 2013
By Hal Bernton and Brian M. Rosenthal – Seattle Times staff reporters

Today, the Seattle Times reported on the flagging international market facing US coal exporters.  Weakening demand in China and a dramatic decline in benchmark prices has some local residents questioning the current plans …

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Coal bubble is bursting for PRB mines

August 27, 2013
Michael Riordan, Guest Opinion for Crosscut

“If you listen carefully, you might hear the sound of the “coal export bubble” popping. Coal prices are plummeting globally, and the bottom seems nowhere in sight. Early this month the price of benchmark Australian thermal coal fellbelow …

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Crosscut Restrospective – The Statewide Scoping Hearings

Crosscut, December, 17, 2012

Crosscut’s Bellingham based reporter Floyd McKay has been following the GPT project for some two years. He also attended 5 of the 7 statewide Scoping Hearings that were sponsored by the “Agencies” (Whatcom County, Corps of Engineers, Department of Ecology). For those who did …

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The Herald Urges a Stronger Voice on Coal Exports from the New Governor

The Herald Editorial Board, December, 12, 2012

In their Op-Ed, The Herald (the primary newspaper serving Snohomish County) urges our new Governor-elect, Jay Inslee, to take a more active leadership role on the various coal export facilities facing NW Washington.  With the exception of Oregon Governor, Jon Kitzhaber, …

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Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber calls for broad federal review of planned coal exports from Oregon and Washington ports

A letter from Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber requests an extensive federal government review of exporting coal to Asia through proposed Northwest ports in Oregon and Washington, saying coal export could clog barge and train routes, increase diesel and coal dust pollution, jeopardize our nation’s energy security and boost …

Category: News · Tags: , article: Northwest coal export projects could have ‘significant’ public health impacts, EPA says

By Scott Learn.  April 13, 2012

Read original online here.

The Environmental Protection Agency wants a thorough review of the consequences of coal exports through Northwest ports, saying the first project in the pipeline — at Oregon’s Port of Morrow — “has the potential to significantly impact …

More on Oregon Terminals / Bellingham Initiative

A local organization, Coal-Free, launched their campaign Thursday to place an initiative on the ballot prohibiting coal trains through Bellingham. Read the Bellingham Herald article here.

The two new terminals in Oregon and the Bellinghams initiative campaign are also covered by a good summary of …

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Longview Coal Terminal Application expected by June

The Longview terminal site is owned by Millennium a subsidiary of Ambre Energy, an Australian coal giant. It is a joint venture with Arch Coal of St Louis which owns a 38% share. Both Arch coal and another St Louis company, Peabody Energy, are major players in the …

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