OPB In Depth Interview – Senior Platts Analyst on Coal Terminals

For those of you who care to get a close look at the actual facts behind all the arguments being made with the push to build new Coal Terminals in Washington and Oregon, this interview with Platts Associate Editor Darren Epps is a must. Platts is a neutral party owned by McGraw-Hill that makes its money by selling trusted independent market research and projections to the entire coal industry, shippers, and investors.

In this interview Epps explains why the push is on, answers questions about the many claims, presents thoughtful questions and even places his bets on which terminal proposals he believes have the best prospect of coming online. He explains why coal can’t go to Canada and why he thinks it is unlikely that all the proposals could be built.

If you want to increase your understanding of the issues without having to constantly dodge spin, this interview with a fully independent professional is the place to go.

Full article here

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